GIL to Attend the Euro-Med Scale-Up Innovation Day

GIL team is attending the Euro-Med Scale-Up Innovation Day, conducted by Berytech. This event is being held under the EU-funded initiative THE NEXT SOCIETY. We are looking forward to interacting with a number of experts, investors, and international speakers. The event is being held to support innovative startups and SMEs from the EU and MENA region. There is much to learn from each other, and the organizers have correctly aimed to joined forces to navigate the current crisis that is looming before all of us. With economic hardships looming globally, European and Mediterranean markets are expected to bear the brunt of it all as well.

Why GIL is relevant during this crisis

This 6+ hours of panel discussions, growth workshops, and talks will help Palestinian startups like GIL to interact with a global audience. For us at GIL, this is particularly important. Our Arabic language courses are conducted mostly online, via an immersive app that is assisted by automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. In other words, the pandemic does not have to play spoilsport to anyone’s Arabic learning plans.

In fact, businesses and their employees can learn Arabic from the comfort of their homes, and forge strong relationships with businesses in the MENA region. At GIL, we believe languages help build bridges, and learning Arabic safely during this pandemic is an opportunity to handle the crisis better.

Palestine could be the next start-up hub

More than 3000 engineering graduates pass out from Palestinian universities and unemployment rates are close to 20%. Yet, there is a reason for optimism. Youngsters in Palestine are quickly realizing their entrepreneurial instincts, and have begun to participate in the startup culture that the Mediterranean region is famous for today.

There are a number of startup accelerators and technology incubators that work in Palestine. This is one of the reasons why youth here find it easier than one might imagine to start companies that succeed at a global level. We are already witnessing a sea change in opinions towards entrepreneurship. Talented Palestinian youth are no longer limited by scarce employment opportunities. Today’s generation is part of a subset that has come to realize the importance of creating job opportunities via entrepreneurship.

As an example, GIL started out in April 2019, and has consistently helped people across the world learn Arabic via a pioneering immersive pedagogy. GIL’s immersive Arabic learning platform has been widely used by learners to home their speaking, reading, and writing skills in Arabic. With more European and American companies investing in the Mediterranean regions of the Levant, the need for Arabic language skills are crucial.

The Mediterranean region is one of the most exciting regions to conduct business. Palestine is quickly rising to the occasion, with several talented start-ups mushrooming across towns and cities. There is a real need to connect Palestinian startups with clients and vendors in European Union business zone, and also to those in North America.

This is precisely why we are participating in the event that is supposed to take place today. We hope to connect with many visitors, participants, and key stakeholders who might wish to understand how learning Arabic might help them during the coronavirus crisis. With this in mind, GIL looks forward to connecting with organizations to help them with Arabic language learning, regardless of where they are located, from the safety of their homes.

Are you attending?

At GIL, we have always believed in the power of communication, language, and a strong network. If you are participating in the event today, feel free to contact us. We would love to learn from you, and how you are dealing with the pandemic as a startup. It would be great to share thoughts, and learn from each other to prepare for a stronger tomorrow.

Don’t have the link to the event? Click here to get your ticket.

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